Saturday, September 22, 2018

The first RLF Turkey Shelties! At the C2P2 trial at Not Quite Right Farm, we had a wide range of breeds try out the new RLF Turkey (Doberman, ES, Sheltie, Aussie, Terv, BC, Beaceron..). A gather, a figure eight, some pen work, some driving in a wooded lot, then a sort by breed conservation status through a loading chute into a crate! A few more gates, and all done. All with 15 turkeys! RLF makes gates and things like figure eight a very different challenge, with your dog needing to be a a different place than when you just have 3-5 head. And guess what? The conservation status of the the fruit loopiest most reactive breed out of the 7 different breeds/colors used was the most threatened, so those were the ones to go in the crate. A challenging sort, for a number of reasons! 5 dogs that were entered both days qualified in both trials, earning two RLFIIIt and three RLFIt ! Glinda and Panzer both got their RLFIIIt, with Panzer Potato earning his 3rd HTCH point. Parkour got his RLFI as well. Caroline Betts Yukon the ES got his RLFI and Shannon Jones Ruger the Doberman earned his RLFI too! For more information on our important domestic livestock threatened with extinction, have a look at The Livestock Conservancy: They are local and have a fantastic knowledgeable group of people and a great library.

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